Q. What age is appropriate for beginning an instrument?
A. All instruments and students are different. There are children who start at a very young age, and those who start later in life. For piano and guitar, dexterity plays a major role. According to this article, learning the piano can increase fine motor skills. When it comes to guitar, however, many young students will complain that it hurts their fingers. Click here for a full article about how you can choose if you or your child are ready to learn an instrument!
Q. How much do your lessons cost?
A. Our half hour lessons are $20, and our full hour lessons are $35. You can also pay all at once for four half hour lessons for $70 (an $80 value) or four full hour lessons for $120 (a $140 value).
Q. Do you offer home instruction as well?
A. We do offer home instruction for the Hudson County area. One hour of home instruction is $45. We do not offer half hour lessons for home instruction.
Q. What instruments/equipment do you have on site?
A. We have one Ibanez acoustic/electric guitar, one S101 acoustic guitar, one Ibanez Artcore Series bass guitar, one Takamine acoustic/electric guitar, one electric Ibanez Artcore series guitar, one Fender Stratocaster one upright piano, two keyboards, one Ibanez bass amp, one Peavey solid state half stack, one Peavey Valveking tube amp, one Tama drumkit, one Zoom R24 Digital Recorder and mics.
Q. Is there parking on site?
A. Street parking is usually available. 
Q. Do you hold recitals or concerts for your students?
A. Each quarter, we hold a public recital for our students. Occasionally, we throw benefit concerts.
Q. How many lessons would it take for me or my child to learn a song?
A. It depends on how much you practice! Some people can learn a song after just four lessons. Others can take up to six months.
Q. Do I have to bring my own instrument?
A. You do not have to bring your own instrument to your lessons. However, it would benefit you most if you were able to practice at home for about 15 minutes a night. 
Q. What would I need to bring to my lessons?
A. A notebook, music paper, and something to write with. If you are taking guitar lessons, it would benefit you to invest in a tuner and a capo.
Q. Do you sell instruments and instrument accessories?
A. We do not sell instruments or instrument accessories.
Q. Will I learn any music theory and how to read music?
A. Yes. Music theory falls into every instrument that we teach.
Q. Do you offer any discounts?
A. We offer a $10 discount on one lesson for every friend you refer as well as a $5 sibling discount.
Q. Can I buy lessons as a gift for someone?
A. Sure! We have gift cards for all of our lessons.
Q. What if I need to cancel?
A. If you need to cancel a lesson, please notify us within 24 hours of your scheduled lesson. Failure to do so will result in payment for half of the lesson.